Protect yourself from the hidden costs of free Wi-Fi

If a Wi-Fi connection is free and open to you, it’s also free and open to hackers. Firefox Private Network is a desktop extension that helps secure and protect your connection everywhere you use Firefox. Try it free during our beta trial.

Firefox Private Network is available on desktop only.

Encrypt your browsing from eavesdroppers

Private Network encrypts the web addresses you visit. This stops eavesdroppers on open, public Wi-Fi from spying on your browsing activity.

Limit what websites and advertisers know about you

The ads and prices you see online are often based on your location. Private Network hides your location from websites and ad trackers, making it tougher for them to target you.

How it works

Get started by adding the Private Network extension to Firefox for desktop and sign in with your Firefox account.

Firefox Private Network is on

Use Firefox as usual, and your online activity will be encrypted and sent through a proxy service provided by our partner Cloudflare.

Firefox Private Network needs your attention

Select the icon, and you’ll see a message letting you know if there is a problem with your connection or reminding you to log in.

Firefox Private Network is off

Your Firefox activity will route directly to the network you are connected to and will not be encrypted or sent through the Private Network proxy service.

More about Firefox Private Network

Routes and encrypts your Firefox connection through a secure server

The Firefox Private Network proxy server is provided by our partner Cloudflare. Their strong privacy controls limit what data they collect and how long they keep it.

Use on any desktop device running Firefox

If your Firefox account is set to sync add-ons, you’ll see the Private Network icon appear in all your toolbars. To enable, just sign in there.

An extension that works with your Firefox account

To enable Private Network, connect to your existing Firefox account or create a new one. No longer want to use it? Like any extension, it’s easy to remove at any time.

Available free for a limited time in the US only

This Private Network beta release is currently free and available to Firefox for desktop users in the United States.

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